What can I do when I get a Static IP plan from Verizon?

If you have a Static IP address from Verizon and have received confirmation that you Static IP address has been applied.

In your mobile settings, you'll need to configure or alter the APN.

Verizon uses the following APN's per region, but if it still cannot work, please contact Verizon to double confirm.

APN for North East: ne01.vzwstatic

APN for North West: nw01.vzwstatic

APN for South: so01.vzwstatic

APN for Midwest: mw01.vzwstatic

APN for West: we01.vzwstatic





Step 1: Change the APN Settings on web management page.

How to log into the web interface of Cudy Router?

Go to General Settings->Cellular.

  • Set Network mode as 4G only.
  • Set APN profile as Manual.
  • Set APN as per region above, here we take North East as an example.
  • Leave username and password as blank.
  • Set Authentication as PAP+CHAP.
  • Save and apply the settings.




Step 2: Upgrade to the latest firmware.

Where to upgrade: Download Center

How to upgrade: How to upgrade firmware of Cudy Router?


Step 3: Insert the same SIM card into mobile phone or other router to check if it could work.

Step 4: Confirm the APN settings with Verizon.


If the SIM card is activated and could work on another device. Please contact support@cudy.com with what troubleshooting you have done and the information below.

a. A screenshot of System Status page.

b. Go to Diagnostic Tools->Diagnosis, click on 'GO' and save the file.

c. Go to Diagnostic Tools->System Log->Download.