Cudy App

Your Home Network
in Your Hand

Cudy App

Your Home Network in Your Hand

Clients Management

Turn on and off access to the Internet and VPN for certain devices.

Tap Steps to Set Things Up.

Cudy App allows you to tap through the setup process, easily and intuitively.

Add Devices. Streamlined.

Need more Cudy Mesh devices to expand the reach of your network? Click the plus button and follow the guidance on the dashboard.

Guest Wi-Fi Toggle

Protect your privacy by turning on a separate network for your guests.

Wi-Fi Password Lookup

Forget your password? Tap to have a glance.

LED Toggle

Turn off the LED to reduce disturbance at night.

Explore more settings

Control Anywhere, Anytime via Cloud.

*Only available on models with Cudy App feature. Models with only Cudy App Local don't support cloud control.