Cudy WR1300 and WR3000 now Supports Captive Portal

Cudy WR1300 and WR3000 now Supports Captive Portal

Shenzhen, China — Cudy has released new firmware for WR1300 and WR3000, adding support for the Captive Portal feature. This enhancement allows users to customize the login experience, reinforce branding, and even set up paid Wi-Fi.

WR1300 and WR3000 users can download the firmware from the support pages and upgrade their devices following the instructions on the configuration page. If you are looking for ways to log in to the config page, please refer to 'How to log into the web interface of Cudy Router?'

Cudy users of AP products, including AP1300, AP3000, AP1200 Outdoor, AP1300 Outdoor, AP3000 Outdoor, and RE1200 Outdoor, can now activate the captive portal feature by pairing their devices with a WR1300 or a WR3000 with the captive portal feature turned on. Other Cudy devices under RE or AP mode will also enable captive portal when connected to the router.

The Cudy router comes embedded with five captive portal providers, and the setup process is quite simple. After creating an account with the providers listed below, users can input the configuration value on the Cudy router’s configuration page to enable the captive portal. You can interact with the UI in the Emulator of WR1300.

  1. HotspotSystem
  2. Iron Wi-Fi
  3. ObiFi
  4. VulaCoin
  5. net
  6. Manual

Disclaimer: When implementing a Captive Portal, it is important to note that the use of third-party Captive Portal solutions may have varying levels of compatibility and security risks. Third-party solutions are at the user's discretion and may require additional configuration and troubleshooting.

Links to Product Pages: WR1300WR3000

Cudy AP products are also expected to support Captive Portal under standalone mode, eliminating the need for another router as their gateway to enable it. The list includes AP1300, AP1300 Outdoor, AP3000, and AP3000 Outdoor. Beta firmware testing is currently underway.



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