How to install Cudy 4G LTE Router?


1. Install the antennas and position them upwards.

2. Insert the SIM card into the slot until you hear a click.

3. Connect the power adapter to the router and power it on.

Step 1:

Open a web browser and go to or Input the administrator password to log in. 

Note: The default administrator password is "admin" if the firmware version is 1.X.X. We have removed the default administrator password since the firmware version 2.X.X. You must set the administrator password when first log in.

For details, please refer to How to log into the web interface of Cudy Router?

Step 2: The Quick Setup window will pop up, select your 'Time Zone'.

Step 3: Configure the  APN parameters. Most of the time we only just need keep APN Profile as " Auto". Then click "Next". The router will choose the APN parameters automatically. (Recommend)

If you want to customize the APN parameters. You can choose APN Profile as " Manual", and input the correct APN parameters. 

Note: If you are not sure about the APN parameters, please contact your Internet Service Provider.

Step 4: Change the wireless network name and password or keep them default.

Step 5: Click "Save & Apply" to complete the configuration.

Step 6: When the Status is connected, you can enjoy the internet.