AC1200 Gigabit Desktop Wi-Fi Access Point

AC1200 Gigabit Desktop Wi-Fi Access Point, AP1300D 1.0

AP1300D 1.0

A desktop WiFi AP with 5-dBi antennas ideal for covering an ensuite, studio, classroom, or office.

  • 4-Stream Dual-Band Wi-Fi 5
  • 1× Shielded GbE (PoE In)
  • 802.3at/af, Passive PoE, DC
  • Covers 100m² (1,100 ft²) 1
  • 100 Connected Devices 2

  1. The wireless coverage claim serves as a reference only. Coverage performance will vary due to environmental factors including building layout, obstacles, traffic volume and density, and device location. For optimal coverage, please place the device in a central location within the area requiring Wi-Fi.
  2. Actual performance for multiple devices may be affected by the types of applications used, the total available bandwidth, and the capabilities of your devices. Connecting older Wi-Fi devices (legacy standards) may reduce overall efficiency. Using efficiency features requires compatible client devices that also support those features. Find more information about supported efficiency features in the software section of the Specs spreadsheet.