Beta firmware fix LT18, LT450, LT500, LT500D and T-Mobile configuration issue

Recently, we received feedback that our router cannot work properly with the T-Mobile, like no internet or can only get IPv6 internet, etc. We created a beta firmware to fix and improve the performance.

Step 1: Open a web browser and go to or Input the password to log in.
For details, please refer to How to log into the web interface of Cudy Router?

Step 2: Go to Advanced Settings->Firmware to upgrade the beta firmware below.

LT18 Firmware: Cudy LT18 Software Download

LT450 Firmware

V1 (Micro SIM card): LT450-R9-1.15.5beta-20221121-180014-flash.bin

V2 (Nano SIM card): Cudy LT450 Software Download

LT500 Firmware

V1 (Micro SIM card): LT500-R9-1.15.5beta-20221121-180014-flash.bin

V2 (Nano SIM card): Cudy LT500 Software Download

LT500D Firmware

V2 (Nano SIM card): Cudy LT500D Software Download

Step 3: Advanced Settings-> IPv6 to enable IPv6, Save & Apply.

Step 4: Go to Advanced Settings -> TTL -> Custom and set TTL to 65, HL to 65.

Step 5: Go to General Settings->4G/Cellular.

1. Set Network mode as 4G only

2. Set APN profile as Manual

3. Set APN as (Note: for static IP plan, set APN as b2b.static)

4. Leave username and password blank.

5. Set Authentication as PAP+CHAP

Note: For the APN, you will need to double confirm since they may change without notice.

Step 6: Save & Apply, wait about 5 minutes, then check the connection. If it still doesn't work, please contact with the Diagnosis bin file. (Diagnostic Tools->Diagnosis->GO->Download)


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Dear Sally,
Please download the latest firmware of LT500 Outdoor on the website.

need to download new firmware for lt500 outdoor cudy

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need to download new firmware for lt500 outdoor cudy

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