How to install P5 with T-Mobile internet?

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Recently, we received some feedback that the T-Mobile SIM cannot work properly with P5. Please upgrade the firmware and configure the below settings to make it work.


Step 1: Open a web browser and go to or Use "admin" as the password to log in.


For details, please refer to How to log into the web interface of Cudy Router?


Step 2: Go to Advanced Settings->Firmware to upgrade the latest firmware.

Cudy P5 Software Download




Step 3Advanced Settings-> IPv6 to enable IPv6 and select '464XLAT', Save & Apply.



Step 4: Go to General settings->Cellular->APN, set as below:
Network mode: Auto
PDP type: IPv4/IPv6
APN profile: Manual

TTL: 65
HL: 65




Step 5: Save & Apply, wait about 5 minutes, then check the connection. If it still doesn't work, please contact with the system log file.


2022-11-16 14:49
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