Release Date


Release Note

1. New: IPv6 only supported.
2. New:  LED on/off switch.
3. Update: 4G dial-up compatibility.



Software Version  

Before Pairing

1. Both paired devices should support Cudy Mesh and their firmware version should be higher than 1.15.28.
2. If the newly added device was configured before, please reset the device first (note: do not reset the main device that already connects to the internet).
3. Continue pairing by choosing the wired or wireless methods.

Method A: Wired (Requires an extra Ethernet cable, which can be removed after pairing)

Method B: Wireless

3-a. Add a Router/Mesh unit/Repeater

3-b. Add an AP (DC Powered)

3-c. Add an AP (PoE Powered)

3-d. Add a device by pressing the WPS buttons

3-f. Add a device without a WPS button

Enjoy the Mesh Network


Check the LED Status

4. Mesh network is ready when the Intenet LED light up on the newly added device.

5. Feel free to disconnect the cable for added flexibility or connect a cable for enhanced stability. Adaptive Routing automatically selects between wireless or Ethernet backhaul without the need of configuration.

6. Feel free to move them to another location, as the Mesh network will reconnect automatically when powered up. To disable the Mesh feature on the addon devices, please use their reset buttons to restore their settings.

Guide to Adding New Mesh Devices

Models Firmware for Ethernet Backhaul
M3000 • 1.15.38+ firmware
M1800 • 1.15.33+ firmware
M1300 • 1.15.36+ firmware
M1200 To be supported in 1.16
WR3000 • 1.15.38+ firmware
X6 • 1.15.38+ firmware
WR1300 • 1.15.38+ firmware




What should I do if I failed to set up the Cudy Mesh? 

Does the Cudy Mesh support Ethernet backhaul?

Please check if the firmware on your device is up-to-date. Download the firmware here.

Please make sure to reset the satellite devices before pairing, or it will not be adopted into the Mesh network.

Can I have more than one main unit in a Mesh network?

It depends on your models. Most Cudy Mesh models support Ethernet backhaul with their latest version of the firmware. See below for the supported versions. Download the firmware here.

No, the device that connects to the Internet via WAN/Cellular will be the only main node automatically. So we recommend using a Cudy device with better performance as the main node.

Seamless Roaming

The Mesh network automatically connects you to the neareast Wi-Fi node. Enjoy smooth streaming and


calling without interruption when moving between Wi-Fi zones.