How to Recovery the Cudy Router From OpenWRT Firmware to Cudy Official Firmware?

1. Download and unzip the file from here

2. Download the latest firmware from the official website and rename it to 'recovery.bin'. 

3. Power off your Router. Unplug the power adapter or press the POWER button.

4. Connect your computer the Router's LAN port with an Ethernet cable.

5. Configure your computer's IP address to be '' manually. 

6. Run 'tftp32.exe'.

7. Run 'netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off' in the command line to disable Windows firewall, otherwise tftp will be blocked.

8. Press the 'Reset' button/hole and hold it. Before the Router is powered on and before tftp start to download the firmware, don't release the 'Reset' button/hole. 

9. Power on the Router. 

10. When the Lights are all flashing fast, or when tftp start to download the firmware, you can release the 'Reset' button/hole.

11. When the light flashes slowly, the upgrade is complete.

12. Please recover your computer's IP address to be dynamic IP. 

13. Done.

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