Why can't I use Cudy APP to manage my Cudy router?

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Only Cudy routers that have been upgraded to a firmware version that supports Cudy APP management can be managed using the APP.

Therefore, it is very likely that your Cudy router has not been upgraded to a software version that supports APP management.

You can download the Cudy APP by scanning the QR code below. 


Please download the latest firmware version to upgrade. Currently supported models and firmware versions are:


WR1300 V2/V3 2.0.4

M3000 V1 2.0.0

M1300 V2 2.0.6

M1200 2.0.8

WR3000 2.0.0

M1800 V2 2.0.8

X6 V2  2.0.10



Please click here to feedback if you have any questions or advice when using Cudy APP.


Note: The firmware version of all the Cudy routers with 2.x.x will support Cudy APP management.

2024-02-19 10:32
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