What should I do if I fail to configure Cudy RE300/RE750?

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There are different methods to set up Cudy range extender. If you don't know how to configure it, please refer to installation guide or setup video on our website.What if you have configured it but it doesn't work? This FAQ will guide you to troubleshoot.

1. Check the Mode Selector

    There is a button on the left side of RE300.RE300 offers 3 modes to select, here is the explanation of them, 

Repeater Mode(frequently used)

    If you already have a wi-fi router (or gateway), but the coverage is not good, you can choose this mode by default.

Access Point Mode

    If you already have a wired modem without Wi-Fi, but you want to use WiFi, you have to choose the Access Point mode, you have to connect an Ethernet cable to connect the modem and RE300, so you can use the WiFi network.

Router mode

    Transform the ISP internet to your home,just as other routers do.

2. Check the Wi-Fi Network you connect

    1. Make sure you already connect Cudy repeater's WiFi

    2. RE300's default network name is Cudy-RE300

    3. RE750's default network name is Cudy-RE750 / Cudy-RE750-5G

3. Check the distance between Cudy repeater and your router

    1. Put the range extender 2-3 meters away from the router when configuring

    2. After configuring,  you can plug Cudy repeater to other place, but ensure 2 WLAN LED stays solid on

4. Check the Password you input when configuring

    If you are configuring cudy range extender by web management page, please follow instructions below:

    1. Verify the Wi-Fi password of the main router. Log in to the management page of your router if possible, double check the Wi-Fi password.

    2. Verify the Wi-Fi password of RE300, make sure the password is the same as your router's wifi.

5. Check the device that you use to configure

    1. Try multiple end-devices. If only one end-device doesn’t have internet access, check whether the end-device is obtaining IP Address automatically. What if it connects to the main router directly?

    2. Connect the same end-device to the main router directly to check its internet connectivity. Check its IP address and Default Gateway when connected to the router and range extender . Write down the IP address and Default Gateway.

    3. Upgrade the range extender to the latest firmware and reconfigure it.

    4. Make sure the main router doesn’t enable any security settings, like MAC Filtering or Access control. We recommend you contact the support of your router to check it.

    5. Please contact TP-Link support if the steps above do not solve the problem. Let us know the model number of your router and which band you expands, 2.4GHz or 5GHz.

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