Cudy App Support Plan

Cudy App Support Plan

This list is updated on June 19 2024

Released Models: See here 

After clicking into the model list, you may filter the variants of "Cudy App" and "Cudy App Local" in the filter option "Advanced". Models with "Cudy App" offer both local and remote management methods. Models with "Cudy App Local" support local management method, which mean user can control the device while connected to it.

Coming Soon in June:

  • Range Extenders: RE1200 Outdoor*
  • 4G/5G: LT15V, LT700V

Please ensure your device's firmware is up-to-date before using the App control feature. Here is a FAQ of how to upgrade your firmware.

We welcome you to share your thoughts and advice by commeting below this article.

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About Cudy

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Cudy is a highly competitive tech-driven company in the R&D and manufacturing of wireless and networking products. The product portfolio covers Wi-Fi Mesh Routers, OpenWRT Routers, Repeaters, 4/5G CPE Routers, PoE, Switches, and Smart Home IoT Devices.

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Changelog/Release notes are gone on the downloads page. Can you please bring it back?

Stephen Pascua


Abdul Alam

@IZSÁKI ROBI, Please contact to feedback your issue about the router.

The app dont discover anything… 😕
I have LT12 Router, and AC1800 Extender, all updated to latest firmware, but dont discover anything… Local management, and cloud, nothing.
Perhaps, i connected the LT12 network 🙂
Please help!”

Cudy Support

Thank your for your kindly advice. We will provide feedback to the R&D department for evaluation.

“Hi, please kindly add separate and dedicated 2.4GHz and 5GHz band option for “IoT Devices” (i.e. Cudy WR3000, Cudy M3000 mostly and other model too)”

Cudy Support

STEPHEN PASCUA Please contact to feedback your issue about the router.

“After upgrading my Cudy P5 to firmware version 2.1.10, my IPv6 won’t connect, even though I set my “Connection Type” as “Passthrough” (this is my default configuration from version 1.16.2) or “Dynamic IP”. I am using a WAN connection & only using my cellular connection as a backup/WAN failover.”

Cudy Support

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