How to configure USB Sharing on Cudy router?

The USB sharing feature allows you to share a USB storage device that’s connected to the router to other wired or wireless users on the same network.

Step 1: Open a web browser and go to or Use "admin" as password to log in.
For details, please refer to How to log into the web interface of Cudy Router?

Step 2: Click Advanced Setting on the top, then click USB Sharing in the Network section.

Step 3: Switch Enable to on. Input the password in the Password filed. This password is only valid when the user wants to access the USB Storage device.

Step 4: Click Save & Apply to complete the settings.

Step 5: After setting up , you can visit the USB storage via following address according to your system OS. If the default LAN IP has been changed, you should change the IP Address to the new one.

Windows:        \\ or \\
MacOS smb:   // or smb://
Linux smb:       // or smb://