How to configure the Port Forwards?

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Port Forwards (Port forwarding) feature allows remote computers on the Internet to connect to a specific computer or service within the private LAN.


Different services use different service ports, verify the service port number before the configuration.



Make sure the Cudy router gets a Public IP (WAN IP) from your Internet Service Provider, if it’s a Private IP address that means there is another NAT device in front of Cudy. You need to open the service ports on that device as well. 


For how to verify whether the IP Address is a public one or a private one, refer to


How to check the WAN IP of Cudy?

Wireless Router & Mesh (System Status->WAN->Status)




4/5 Router (System Status->Cellular/4G->Status)





1. The IP Address is the WAN IP Address you get from your Internet Service Provider. The Public IP above is the IP Address the other device can find you over the internet. So if the Cudy router gets a private IP address, you need to figure out which device uses this Public IP and open ports on it.

2. For most cellular routers, the internet service provider usually gives the private IP Address. So, if you want to do the port forwards, please contact your internet service provider to assign you a public IP address or do the port forwarding on their part. 


Step 1: Open a web browser and go to or Use 'admin' as a password to log in.

For details, please refer to How to log into the web interface of Cudy Router?


Step 2: Click Advanced Settings -> Port Forwards in the Network section.




Step 3: Click Add to append one entry to the list. Input the parameters as you want into the field below. 




For example: According to the following configuration, TCP port 5000, UDP port 5001 and both TCP/UDP port 6000 of host will be opened to the internet.




Name: Name of the entry, used to facilitate memory

Protocol: TCP, UDP or TCP+UDP

External Port: Service port on the WAN side which can be accessed from the internet

Internal IP address: IP address of the host, which will open the port to the internet

Internal Port: Service port of the host in the LAN

Note: Generally, the internal port is the same as the external port.


Step 4: Click 'Save & Apply' to save the settings

Go to the Status page and check the WAN IP Address of the router. Now you can try to use the http:// WAN IP: port number to visit the service you have opened.


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