How to use WPS Button to configure Cudy RE300/RE750 ?

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1. Check the mode selector of RE300, there is a button on the left side of RE300. choose repeater mode. 

2. Plug RE300 near your router, Power on, wait WLAN-LED flashing

3. Press and hold RE300's WPS button for 5 seconds before release, then press wps button of your router. 

4. Waiting for them to connect(follow the  led instructions on manual), it may take 2 minutes. 

5. When successful, RE300 will create a network name which contains the words of Router's WiFi name and "EXT", the password is the same as your router's wifi. please connect it to check if could connect to internet. 

6. After configuration, just  plug it to the place you want(ensure at least 2 WLAN LED solid on), no need to configure again.

2018年9月13日 09:42
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